Is Take-Out the New Restaurant Normal?

The first half of 2020 has undoubtedly seen a change in almost every ‘normal’ way of doing things. The unwelcome guest that is COVID-19 has all but overthrown the usual way of interaction the world over. One aspect which has been greatly affected is the way people socialize, with ‘social distancing’ becoming a common phrase everywhere.

The hospitality industry in general, and restaurants in particular, have been most affected. Where people used to sit and enjoy meals in close contact, today they have to take away their meals or follow strict dining restrictions. There has to be a distance between patrons, and even greater caution when handling items such as mugs and plates.

To Take Away or Not?

As the world learns to live with Coronavirus, people will have to take care of themselves even more. It is for this reason that the debate of takeaway food is becoming center stage.

Even with strict observation of regulations, some people are still uncomfortable going to public places if they can avoid it. The attendants in restaurants have to serve several customers, so there is still a certain degree of contact. Spending long durations on the premises increases the time of exposure.

Now, given that not everyone can prepare the meals they enjoy in restaurants at home, take-out becomes the next best option. When buying takeaway food, the number of people handling a customer’s order is significantly reduced. Moreover, many restaurants today are offering a home delivery service, which makes things even better.

While people cannot remain locked up forever, it is better safe than sorry. There have been indications that there could be a second wave of the virus, and there is no need to risk it. Maybe take-out really is the new normal of restaurant dining.

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