The Restaurant Culture in the UK

The UK is rich in many aspects of culture, and restaurants form one such element. From London to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol, there is a flourishing culture of eating and drinking out, that has grown and taken root over the ages.

Diverse Cultures

The UK is a melting pot of people from all over the world, all of whom have brought a unique practice to add to the rich culture of the regions. As a result, the entire country is dotted with restaurants serving food and drinks of all origins.

There are Italian, Chinese, British, Spanish, American, and Thai restaurants, among many others to be found wherever you go around the UK. These restaurants mostly serve cuisine from their cultures of origin. Given the UK’s attractiveness as an immigrant destination, you find that some restaurants in the UK serve, say, better Chinese food than those in China.

Internet Connectivity

We are in the internet age, and UK restaurants have embraced this wholeheartedly. The internet and food connection comes, as people seek to keep tabs on their health by maintaining a healthy diet.

They thus use the internet connection in restaurants, to speak to experts such as in real time, as they go about their dining business. Livi’s consultation by video using smartphones allows people to get advice over just about anything concerning their health. A general practitioner over the web comes in handy, especially if diners need to consult about specific foods that might hurt them, e.g. causing an allergic reaction.

Specific Crowds

Like bars, restaurants around the UK tend to have a specific crowd that frequent them. You will find particular restaurants patronised by college students, others by celebrities, people on romantic dates, family dinners and so on. The setting and service of these restaurants are the leading cause for this patron specificity.

Most restaurants have a specific audience in mind from the word go. They set themselves up for this crowd by design, location, service and marketing.

Dining Language and Manners

Despite bringing in cuisine from across the world, there seems to be a deliberate dominance of British dining lingo in restaurants across the UK. The sausage, for instance, is referred to as a banger in whichever restaurant you visit. The banger is a word that arose from the sound of frozen sausages, as they were heated during the First World War.

The timings of meals around the country are also mostly typical. Meals are divided into breakfast, lunch and supper, with lighter servings of tea and dinner coming in between. Tea comes in the mid-afternoon, while dinner comes in the early evening. A combination of meals is common, such as having lunch and breakfast together in the mid-morning (brunch) or having any one of either dinner or supper.

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