Best casual restaurant chains UK

Best casual restaurants UK

If you are in the UK and looking for a casual restaurant to spend your time, there are several options available to you. Let’s have a look at some of the best casual restaurant chains in the UK that are worth exploring further.


Nando’s served many delicious chicken dishes with a variety of spices that you can choose depending on your individual taste. Nando’s operates in over 30 countries in the world and you are likely to find one near you.


Wagamamas served Asian style cuisine that is delicious. This is an ideal place to go if you want a quick bite to eat, while broadening your horizons in terms of the actual food you are eating. Wagamama has great quality food and it is on the rise in terms of best British restaurant chains.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good burger? and the gourmet burger kitchen sure has a

wide range of them. This place is known for using the best quality produce and providing you with fresh burgers made on the spot. The casual dining style and affordable prices give it a valued place on this list.

J D Wetherspoon

This pub type restaurants serves high quality meals at good prices all over the country. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content at Wetherspoons and the atmosphere is great. The food will be brought to your table after you order at the bar and there are “special nights” where you can get a drink free with your meal.


This Italian restaurant chain have a diverse menu and with great prices, what’s not to love? If you fancy an Italian mean, Zizzi is worth checking out further and there is guaranteed to be one near you.

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