Dress code for British restaurants

You might be wondering what the dress code is for different restaurants around the UK and there are a few things to keep in mind for you to really get the answer for this.

  • There are a whole bunch of different “classes” when it comes to British restaurants. Some are more upmarket while some are more like pubs. If you are going to a pub type restaurant, smart casual is fine. Just wear what you would wear daily, there is no need to dress up at all but also don’t look too scruffy. Do your research on the restaurant that you are visiting if you want to discover a little more about the general ambience.
  • If you are visiting a fancier restaurant, wear something a little nicer. For men, a shirt and a pair of black shoes are a must. For women, a sophisticated dress and a well-groomed appearance in general is recommended.
  • If in doubt, it’s always better to dress up than dress down. Would you prefer to be known as somebody who has made TOO much of an effort, or as somebody who just fell out of bed?

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