Hope Valley Beer and Cider Festival

Here at The Anchor Inn Tideswell, we love our beer and we know that you do too which is why we host the annual Hope Valley Beer and Cider Festival. At this festival, you can sample different drinks to really find some that tickle your fancy. These beers and ciders are not as popular as ones that are sold around the country so you could find new ones that become firm favourites. The atmosphere at the Hope Valley Beer and Cider Festival is electric and you will feel like you are with friends.

This year, the beer festival is being held at The Old Hall Hotel in Hope Valley. We have support from other venues and the event is sure to be a big hit with everyone who comes. In addition to some of the most amazing local beer, you can also experience live music and good food all day long. The festival is held between 24th – 27th August 2018. Whether you want to come for 1 day, 2 days or the entire week long, you are guaranteed an amazing experience from start to finish.

Perhaps you’ve never even been to a beer festival and for that we can say that ours is a great place to start. There is such a friendly atmosphere amongst staff, locals and everyone else who attends the event. Even if you’ve never set foot in The Anchor Inn, Tideswell, you are still more than welcome to come and check out the festivities and what we have available.

There is nothing else to say except show up and come and enjoy some beer with us!

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