How to find a good restaurant UK

There are many amazing restaurants in the UK but some are obviously going to be better than others. It’s easy to find a good restaurant if you do some research and follow certain steps. Here are some things you can keep in mind to ensure you find a good restaurant to eat at.

  • Look at the hygiene rating

All establishments that sell food must have a hygiene rating done by the local authority. This number is rated out of 5 and the restaurant must display it somewhere visible or disclose the number if asked. Try and stick to visiting restaurants that have at least 3 stars.

  • Read customer reviews

There are many places online where you can find customer reviews about restaurants and these can allow you to see people‚Äôs different relationships’ and opinion on that restaurant.

  • Listen to word of mouth

People often talk about restaurants and if you live in a small town particularly, you should listen to what they say. Ask your friends/family opinions on restaurants in the area and this should help you to establish the ones that are worth visiting.

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