Top qualities of UK pubs

In the UK, we can be very particular about our pub and rightfully so since they are one of our major claims to fame. There are certain qualities that your local pub just MUST have for it to become a local favourite. If a pub wants return customers, these qualities are necessary. Some of these includes the following.

  • A friendly landlord/landlady/staff

One of the worst things is to walk into a pub and feel like you are not welcome or like you’ve walked into an exclusive club. No matter who steps through the doors, as British people we like some general chit chat when we walk into a pub. Regulars should be recognised of course but it’s also important to give new customers a home away from home.

  • A range of beers

One beer is just not enough, it‘s important that a pub has a range to choose from. All beer tastes differ and while somebody might LOVE one beer, they might not like another.

  • Pub grub

When stopping off at a pub, you are probably hungry as well as thirsty which is why it’s important to be serving delicious pub food to munch on. Often times, the simpler, the better but a few classics like steak and ale pie, curry and fish are chips are a must!

  • Good prices

When you step into a pub, you are not expecting to be paying top of the range prices like you would at a restaurant. The prices for both food and drink at a pub should be reasonable. These things combined is what will keep customers coming back for more.

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