Freshening Up a Restaurant on a Budget

Restaurant owners spend significant amounts of time decorating their business, investing considerable money on often large renovation projects. However, what can the owner of a restaurant do to spruce the place up a bit in between those full-scale renovations? Continue reading for some tips on updating the decor of your restaurant without having to spend a large budget.

Smaller Decorations

Besides the wallpaper, flooring, and furniture, it’s common to find plenty of other small decorations in a restaurant. Think along the lines of the table setting, flowers, artwork, rugs and even the mats where drinks are placed. These are the more subtle elements that can really bring out the best in a room, often being practical alongside looking good. Focus on these more minor decoration features when you want to give your restaurant’s interior a little refresh without redesigning the whole venue. Perhaps invest in some new plants, or lay down a new rug to replace an old one that’s looking worn and dated. Updating these smaller elements in the room can really make a difference to the experience of customers.


Artwork can often be found hanging on the walls of a restaurant. It’s these pieces that can really add to the decor, giving customers something beautiful to look at and appreciate while also bringing together the broader theme and brand of the business. Artworks aren’t always cheap, however. This is where posters can come in. It’s easy (and often cheaper) to purchase posters of stylish art designs and put them in frames around the restaurant, as opposed to original pieces of artwork that you may wish to spend less of your design budget on. Get some posters in styles that match the wider decor of your restaurant and replace them from time to time, so customers feel the place is fresh without having to decorate the whole area from scratch.


While it may be pretty obvious to say, your staff are as much part of the restaurant experience and decoration as the building itself is. It’s crucial that your staff are always looking their best and are representing the business in the best possible way. When dining in your restaurant, customers will be seeing your staff a lot, so it’s appropriate for them to be dressed to impress. If you feel things are getting a little stale and boring around the business, consider investing in some new uniforms for your staff members. A new uniform can give a boost to employees and encourage them to take pride in the place where they’re working while also changing things up a bit in a way that can get customers talking and giving positive feedback. Ensure the uniform ties in with the theme of your restaurant but remains practical for your staff to work in. Uniforms should be stylish but not uncomfortable, as employees will be wearing them for hours on end while also carrying out varying tasks, so they should be hard-wearing too.

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