The Steigenberger Hotel Group

Albert Steigenberger was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany as the son of a draper, and took his education in the family business, where he became a businessman over the years. In 1912, Steigenberger went to the US, and modernised his father’s business after his return, and added a spinning factory for example.

After World War I, Albert Steigenberger decided to work in the field of power supplies, and he gained money with several property deals as well.

In 1930, Steigenberger assumed the debt securities of the hotel “Europäischer Hof,” in the city of Baden-Baden. From this point, Steigenberger built his own hotel business and became really successful with that.

The Frankfurter Hof

One of the most famous hotels that Steigenberger established, is the Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, that was built between 1872 and 1876. Right after the hotel was opened in 1876, the Frankfurter Hof became one of most famous restaurants within the city of Frankfurt.

Albert Steigenberger acquired the Frankfurter Hof in 1940, but just four years later the hotel was destroyed during World War II.

But Steigenberger was always a hard worker, and so the hotel was reopened with just 20 beds in 1948, after four years of rebuilding the hotel. Another five years later, the Frankfurter Hof was completely restored and offers today a total of 303 rooms for its guests.

With 261 rooms of the luxurious category, as well as 42 suites, the Frankfurter Hof, part of the ”Steigenberger Hotel Group,” is one of the most known hotels within the city of Frankfurt.

There are also 19 rooms for conferences with up to 600 participants, plus a vast wellness area that is also based in the hotel.

The Frankfurter Hof is located at the “Kaiserplatz,” right in the centre of Frankfurt, and within the lobby of the hotel, there are two restaurants and a bar that is open for the public as well.

Until his death in 1958, Albert Steigenberger acquired besides the Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt, also the hotel “Drei Möhren”, the “Ritters Park Hotel” and the “Park Hotel” in Dusseldorf.

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The heritage of Albert Steigenberger

Besides his hotel business, Steigenberger owned a wine trading business, a linen factory, and several restaurants in Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main.

After the death of Albert Steigenberger, his son, Egon led the family businesses until his death in 1985. In August 2009, the widow of Egon Steigenberger sold the business to the Egyptian tourism company “Travco,” which manages the hotels with the assistance of “Deutsche Hospitality” that was formerly known as the “Steigenberger Hotel Group,” and is based in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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